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How do I set my theme?
How do I set my theme?

Set how your popup on screen will look like when you report an activity

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This guide will show you how to set a theme for your pop-ups on screen like this:

What are Themes?
With Themes, you can personalize how to showcase your achievements. Themes allows you to personalize the screen background that pops-up when a task has been done, meeting booked, offer sent, or product sold. Some of the themes are immediately available, while others you’ll have to unlock.

Navigate first to your profile page by clicking on Profile in the top right corner.

Go to "Celebrations":

Scroll down to "Apperances" and select your theme.

Notice that some of the themes are locked. The criteria for unlocking the theme is described below.

Locked theme

You will unlock this theme when you win a competition.

Unlocked theme

You have unlocked this theme and can now use it.

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