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How do I create a board for mobile widgets?
How do I create a board for mobile widgets?

Create a Board where you can add widgets you can find in the mobile application

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A Board will let you present a collection of statistics in the mobile application.

To create a new Board you first need to access the Dashboard area of SalesScreen. This is done by pressing the Dashboard link located on the left side menu. 

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Once you are in the Dashboard area, click the Manage Boards link.

image.png (1886×703)

Continue by clicking the mobile icon in the top.

You are now presented with all available boards in your company, if you have any. To create a new one, press Add board in the upper right.

You are presented with a number of options: 

Title: The title of your board. It will be shown in the mobile application. 

Team access: If you want to limit which teams that can access the board, choose a subset of teams in this dropdown. If you intend to have no access limitations wrt. teams, leave it as it is.

Access level: Choose what types of access rights you need to see the board. If you put the access level to Users, only users without any admin rights will see the board in their mobile application.

Default period: Users will be able to alter the period the widgets show statistics for in the mobile app, but the default period will define what period of time they will find statistics for when they open the board, before they alter any of the filters.

Click create when you are finished, and you will be redirected to the boards overview.

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