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How do I Create Targets

Create target to measure progression for users, teams or departments.

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The first step is to click Manage at the bottom left corner of SalesScreen. 

A menu will pop up, where you can proceed to click on Targets under the Company headline.

You will now be presented with a table showing targets for you current period. If you haven't created any periods yet, have a look at how to create periods.

Click Add targets in the upper right corner.

You will be able to select one or more periods, an activity type and an activity before you add your targets in the number fields available (ie: quantity, revenue, etc.)

Note that if you do not specify an activity in the activity (not type) dropdown, your target will be specified for the entire activity type.

Example: Let's say you add targets for the activity type Sales and don't specify an activity, your target will account for all activities (ie: closed, won) for that activity type. 

What you need to consider here, though, is that you can't set a target on a specific activity and the whole activity type in the same period. Choose between them.

Click Add targets and your targets will be saved. 

You can also bulk upload targets via excel. To do this, click on the up arrow in the top right hand corner.

The next screen will look like the image below. To create the template, you will need to select the target period and teams and then the activity type(s) from the dropdown. If you need to include targets on specific activities under the activity types you'll want to make sure the box is checked for "Include Activity specific Targets".

Once all options are selected, you will click "Add filter to list". This will create your excel template for targets. You can then click on "Download Targets Excel Import Template" and it will save to your downloads.

Once you've opened the download and added the targets for each activity type/activity and all users you'll then click on "Next Step" as show in the image above.

From there, you can upload the template and then click the green "Upload" button on the bottom right. Image below.

You will then see a screen that will show you all the data you intend to upload broken down by the activity type with each activity showing on the right hand side. If all looks correct, you can click on the "Start Import" bar at the top.

If there are any issues with the template, you will receive an error message. The most common issues are: the user already has targets assigned for the selected period, the activity type or activity is spelled wrong (the download will export it correctly but sometimes us humans can accidentally mess it up), one of the users doesn't exist in the system yet. Example of the popup that will appear on the bottom right below.

Once all is fixed (if needed) and the upload is successful, you will see the targets reflecting in the target section for each user.

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