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Celebration issues on screen
Celebration issues on screen

There can be many different reasons why the celebration will not show on screen. This article will help you identify what could be wrong.

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1 - Product is not configured to show celebration
Each product can be configured to show or not show celebration on screen. Make sure this is toggled ON. Go to Manage > Products > Select your product to find this setting.

2 - Product's Screen Popup Threshold is configured and the report value is below this threshold
If the Screen Popup Threshold of the product it set (larger than 0), only reports with a value higher than this number will show celebrations. Go to Manage > Products > Select your product to find this setting.

3 - The Screen settings is configured to not show celebrations
Make sure that the screen you are looking at is configured to show celebrations. If you are using teams, and the screen is configured to show celebrations from only specific teams, make sure that your team is included. Go to Manage > Screens > Select the Screens tab > Click on your Screen to find this setting.

4 - User is hidden from screen on Privacy Settings
Make sure that the user is not hidden from Screen by going to the Privacy Settings of the user.

5 - Integration - Date field
If you send reports from another system to SalesScreen, make sure you are not specifying the Date field. This will ensure that the date will be set to NOW when SalesScreen receives the report and it will be interpreted as real-time. If you e.g. set the date 2 hours ahead of time, it will not be interpreted as real-time and therefore not showing a celebration on screen.

6 - The value of the report is 0
If the value of the report is 0, it might not be showing a celebration on screen. Contact us on support and we will enable this for you, so that reports with 0 as value will show a celebration.

If the frame of the celebration popup is visible but the youtube video will not play, it can sometimes be because the video was removed, or the network has blocked YouTube. In the former case, a new YouTube celebration must be selected. In the latter, your office's IT team must allow YouTube, or your team must only use SalesScreen-generated celebrations.

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