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How do I manage push notifications?
How do I manage push notifications?

Manage push notifications to select when and for what types of actions you should receive mobile push notifications.

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This guide will use example images from the iOS application.

Toggling all push notifications

If you disable the first switch in the notification settings page this will turn of all push notifications. When enabled, SalesScreen will use the rest of the settings on this page to determine when push notifications should be sent.

Business hours

If you want to limit when SalesScreen can push notifications to your mobile device, setting business hours is the solution.  

This lets you input a selection of days and a timespan where SalesScreen should notify you about things happening in your SalesScreen account. If you select the Always on option, SalesScreen will send out push notifications for every action that matches the rest of the push notification settings regardless of when it happens. 


In addition to personal settings for report notifications, administrators have two options for limiting notifications on each product: send push notifications to team and send push notificaitons to company, with optional minimum values for these notifications to be triggered. 

If the product settings have notifications activated by an administrator, you can choose a personal subset of products and teams to get notifications for. 

In addition to the above mentioned settings you can enable or disable notifications for achievements, battles, competitions, messages, likes and comments.

I can't find these settings in my mobile application?

If you can't find the page for push notification settings, visit App Store/Google Play to update it to the latest version.

I have activated push notifications for reports but nothing appears on my phone?

Administrators can choose to deactivate push notifications for products. Contact an administrator in your company, and ask them to check the settings under Manage > Products

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