What is a Metric?

Use Metrics to simplify visualization of KPIs.

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SalesScreen offers a number of fields for storing data. If you use combinations of activities, number fields, and dropdown options, it can be a challenge to set the correct data filter every time you are configuring a widget, slide, competition, achievement, or similarly to visualize and measure progress for your KPIs.

Metrics work as a common recipe for how to retrieve KPIs from SalesScreen. If you define your KPIs in metrics, you can set up your slides and widgets to use the metric instead of setting the correct combination of fields and options every time you add new content to your dashboards and slideshows.

We have just released a new update to our Metric form that will make using metrics easier and bring more cohesion to all the data in your account. You can watch this short clip on the new form and how to use it, or keep reading for the step-by-step of the latest features!

The first thing to know is that the metric interface will look a little different, but creating a new metric is still a breeze. Similar to the old way of setting up a metric, you will go to Settings -> Metric and hit the + New Metric button to get started.

We've made the new forms bigger, and with more information so you understand what metric you're selecting. You can also add metrics to "Favorites" if it is a metric you use often, we added visibility into where the metric is being used, who created it, and more.

We also have a handful of helpful supportive features for when you’re creating and organizing your metrics, like tags, a usage count, and a summary of the reports matching the metric settings you’re dealing with.

Where is it?

The form is under Manage - Metrics and the picker is in all forms. You can select a metric using:

  • widgets

  • mobile widgets

  • slides

  • competitions

  • competitions – points metrics

  • scorecard metrics

  • activity flow stages

  • battles

How does the Create Metric form work?

When you click New metric, this is what you’re presented with:

Fill in the name and description and be sure to give the metrics names that make sense for the ones that are going to use them.

The data filtering options haven't changed and they depend on the activity type settings. To help give an indication of what the filter you are creating actually concerns, we’re introducing a report summary:

This summarizes the reports for the last 30 days based on the filter you set in the form. Click Open Reports, and you can see the actual reports in a new tab.

What is a tag?

We know that it can be hard to organize things when you have a high number of metrics in an account. Tags are meant to help simplify that. Use them to identify a purpose or supplemental information about a metric, like info about integrations that add data for this metric, which role uses it, or anything else you can think of that might be relevant to your setup.

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