What is a Metric?

Use Metrics to simplify visualization of KPIs.

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SalesScreen offers a number of fields for storing data. If you use combinations of activities, number fields and dropdown options, it can be a challenge to set the correct data filter every time you are configuring a widget, slide, competition, acievement, or similar to visualize and measure progress for your KPIs.

Metrics work as a common recipe for how to retrieve KPIs from SalesScreen. If you define your KPIs in metrics you can set up your slides and widgets to use the metric instead of setting the correct combination of fields and options every time you add new content to your dashboards and slideshows.

Similar to how you configure the filter for a widget or a slide in SalesScreen, the metric form will let you choose among all options enabled for your activity type. You often want the same KPIs visualized on dashboards, slides and mobile dashboards, and with metrics you want have to specify these filters that match your KPIs every time you create new content to visualize your data.

Create a metric, use it when setting up content for data visualization in SalesScreen, and it will be simpler to get the right numbers and update the data filter options for your KPIs across slides, widgets, competitions, achievements and scorecards.

You can create metrics by going to Manage - Metrics.

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