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How does the coloring of dashboard numbers work?
How does the coloring of dashboard numbers work?
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The widget dashboards in SalesScreen will give you an overview of the state of your KPIs. Some of the numbers will be colored red, yellow, or green based on the current performance.


Different widget types have slightly different approaches for the coloring, but with the same underlying concept- and intervals.

  • Target-based widgets: The forecast for your selected period

  • Regular KPI widgets: The current number compared to the previous period

  • Red: 0%-49%

  • Yellow: 50%-99%

  • Green: 100% β€”

Continue reading for more details on the performance coloring.

The detailed description

The intervals

Even though the different widget functions have a different basis for determining the actual performance of a current KPI, we're using the same intervals for the different colors:

  • Red: 0%-49%

  • Yellow: 50%-99%

  • Green: 100% β€”

KPI widgets

For our basic KPI widgets, the ones that are mainly about presenting numbers of your choice without fancy charts, we're comparing the current number with the same number in the previous period. This means that if your period filter is set to Month, and you're in the middle of May, we're comparing your current numbers for May with the numbers for the start- to mid-April.

If you're doing better, the percentage indicator is green. If you're lagging behind, 50-99% of your previous period, it's yellow. 0-49% means red.

Target-based KPI- and Leaderboard widgets

Target progression widgets use our calculated forecast as the basis for the color of the progress bar, illustrating how you're moving towards your target.

If it seems like you're on pace to hit your target, the bar will be colored green, if it seems like you'll end the period on 50-99% of your target, it's yellow. 0-49 is, you guessed it, red.

In the leaderboard widget, we'll only color the percentage number, based on your forecast. We found it was simply a bit overwhelming to color all the progression bars in a leaderboard.

Hit rates and other leaderboards

As we currently don't offer any type of forecast or number to compare against on these widgets, we're defaulting to a neutral color.

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