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Subscription License Management FAQ
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What can you do on the Subscription Management page?

  • Admins can see an overview of their subscription, and Account Owners can add new licenses.

What is the Account Owner role?

  • The Account Owner is a new required admin role in SalesScreen, only the Account Owner can access data from our subscription management platform on behalf of the organization.

Who can order new licenses?

  • Only the Account Owner can order licenses.

What happens if there are no more licenses and a user is added?

  • The user will be added as a pending user and the admin adding the user will be prompted with a message telling them that there are not enough licenses and that the organization needs to add more. The user can later be activated when there are enough licenses.

How do I fetch my paid invoices?

  • Account owners can fetch invoices when opening Billing Details from the Subscription Management page.

How can I find who can add more licenses to my account?

  • Admins can see a list of account owners both on the User page clicking the Subscription Management button and on the page under settings if they have access.

Check out the article on Pending users for more details on users awaiting an available license in your subscription.

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