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How does "My Week" work?
How does "My Week" work?

Use the "My Week" section next the feed to see this week's progression at a glance

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Based on your company's setup and budget routines, the My Week section in Home will show you sales statistics for the current week. 


  1. Budgets set

If your company has budgets set for the week you currently are in, My Week will
display your budget progression as you move forwards. 

The coloured value to the left represents the reported amount you have so far this week, while the black number on the right represents your weekly budget.

2. No budgets set

If you have no budget to work towards, the statistics will show how you are performing compared to the same timespan last week. So if you are displaying the page on Thursday, the number to the right will compare the value reported this week to the value reported from the start of previous week until Thursday last week.

3. SalesScreen admin and not reporting sales on your own

If you are an administrator in SalesScreen and not reporting sales yourself, the section will show you statistics based on your team access. If you have Company Admin privileges the section will show you statistics for all teams you have access to through the team access setting for your user.


View data for other users

If you have Company Admin privileges, you can view data for the sellers you have access to. Look for the statistics icon on the feed post for each sale report.

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