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Overview of the Reward Shop

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Turn game rewards into real rewards. Customise your Reward Store so your teams can take their winnings and turn them into real prizes they actually want.

The SalesScreen Reward Shop is where the sellers, who gain coins during competitions, endorsement and activities, can use coins to buy different products offered by the company. Typical companies have a mixture of products, as not every person is motivated by the same prize.

How to set up your Reward Shop

You can build your Reward Shop within SalesScreen and set it up by adding your own rewards or select from our suggestions. You can set up individual rewards with a coin value, the actual company cost of the reward, the quantity available, and restrict the availability both on time period and to selected teams within the SalesScreen platform. You are also able to add customised drop-downs or text fields for the users to fill out, if you need to know a users preferred size or colour, or you need their address to send the selected reward.


Additional Fields

Admins are able to add up to three dropdown or textfields to each individual reward. The fields can be used to request information from the user such as colour, size and address. The text fields can be made required so that the user is not able to purchase the reward without adding the information.


You can sort and order the rewards by different categories. By default users will always have a "Favourites" category which will show their liked products. Admins are also able to see a "Disabled" category of rewards which are disabled and hidden from the end-users.

Company cost

The Reward Shop Admin is able to set an a company cost per reward. This information is also available under transactions to make it easier to get an overview of the actual cost of the Reward Shop.

Email notifications

Reward Shop Admins are able to opt-in for email notifications when users requests a reward. This can be done by clicking on profile settings, privacy and toggle on "Subscribe to reward request emails".

Featured rewards

Admins are able to showcase featured rewards on top of the reward shop. Automatically the newest reward will be showcased first.

Limited-time period

Admins are able to set rewards to be able to purchase for only a limited-time period.

Limited quantity

The Reward Shop Admins are also able to limit the quantity available on each individual reward. When a user purchase one of those rewards the quantity will automatically be reduced.

Multiple request of same reward

Users are able to request several quantities of the same reward by selecting the desired number in the quantity dropdown. If there is a limited amount of quantity set by the Reward Shop Admin the end-user is not able to go over that amount.

Refund accepted rewards

Admins are able to refund accepted rewards in the transaction tab. The refunded reward will return the used coin back to the end-user and remove it from the accepted transaction tab.

Automatic gift cards

We have an integration with Tango Card which means that you can automate the process of gift cards in the reward shop. Read more about it here.

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