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SalesScreen Essentials: The Feed
SalesScreen Essentials: The Feed

How to navigate and edit your social feed in SalesScreen Essentials.

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The SalesScreen Feed is your go-to source for up-to-the-minute news about your team's recent accomplishments, competition data, and social news such as birthdays and work anniversaries. If you use social media and networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, you're probably already familiar with the basics of a news feed-- but here is your in-depth guide to all of the SalesScreen feed's specific functions and options for customization!

Topics Covered

Post Interactions

There are many different ways to engage with a post in your feed! You can:

  • Like - as simple as clicking the thumbs-up button to show your support!

  • Endorse - show a little extra love by recognizing the user featured in the post with an Endorsement. Read more about Endorsements here!

  • Pin - Admins have the option to pin a post to stay at the top of the feed (an option to Unpin will then appear on the post).

  • Comment - Simply type a message into the text box and click the paper airplane icon that appears in the right corner to post. You will be able to Edit or Delete your comments if you want to.

  • Post a GIF, Image, or Emoji - Click one of the 3 icons in the bottom right corner of the post to choose from a selection of GIFs, upload your own image, or search our supported emojis!

Feed Filter

You can filter the feed to make it easier to find the content you are looking for. Click the "Filter" button towards the upper left of the feed, and select all the types of posts you are interested in seeing. In the example above, only posts about Achievement Badges or New Employees will appear in the feed.

Creating Content

In addition to responding to automatically generated posts, you can also use the Feed page to create messages to share with the rest of your team. Options for content creation include Creating a Post, Creating a Screen Announcement, and for Admins, Creating a Report Summary. All of these functions are found at the top of the Feed screen.

Creating a Post

This is very similar to the process of leaving a comment! Simply start typing your message into the text box. You can also click one of the three icons to the right to compose a message using a GIF, Image, or Emoji.

When you're done, click "Post"!

Creating a Screen Announcement

If you have an office screen set up, this option will let you broadcast you message to it! Click "Create screen announcement" in the upper left of the Feed to bring up the composer pop up:

This pop-up will let you set your message and which Screens will receive it. This feature does not support GIFs or Images (although you can still use Emojis in your message). Click "Post" when you are done to immediately broadcast your message! It will also be saved to the feed, so your team will be able to respond.

Creating a Report Summary

This is a quick way to get your main stats out for the team to see and discuss-- it will automatically pull your reports for any time period you specify into a text-based feed post.

Get started by clicking "Create report summary" in the upper left to bring up the composition pop up:

Once the desired data is pulled in, you can trim, edit, and add whatever commentary you like before hitting "Post" to share!

Editing Feed Settings

Admins can tailor what content will appear in the feed by editing it. The edit page can be access by clicking the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner of the feed and then choosing "Edit" from the popup menu.

The first things you will see that you can edit are the Title and Description, but scroll down and you'll see the most important part of Feed customization-- your Sources:

There are 2 main ways to change your feed configuration in SalesScreen Essentials:

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and hit "Save" after making any changes!

Switching a default data source off or on

By default, your feed will create posts based on the following events: Achievements, Endorsements, Birthdays, New Employees, and Work Anniversaries. However, any of these can be turned off by toggling the switch in the upper right corner of the source's details box. Here is an example of Birthdays turned on (set to make posts in the feed):

Here is Birthdays turned off (no birthday posts in the feed):

You may notice the "Teams Filter" settings on these sources. Since SalesScreen Essentials does not have multiple teams, there is no ability to add or remove filters here.

Adding or deleting metrics as sources of feed data

In addition to the default sources, you can also set up the metrics you track in SalesScreen to generate posts in the feed. In this example, the feed will generate a post announcing when a team member has booked a meeting:

The Metric dropdown allows you to select any data you are tracking in SalesScreen to announce to the feed. The Notifications switch selects whether team members will be alerted when these types of posts appear. The Threshold switch allows a minimum to be set on what will trigger a post-- for instance, if we only wanted to post in the feed when a team member made a minimum number of calls in a single record, or a minimal value for a sale. Custom team filter is inapplicable-- all users are on the same team in SalesScreen Essentials.

To delete a metric from the feed settings, click the trash can icon next to it. To add another metric, click the plus sign on the bottom "blank listing."

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