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SalesScreen Essentials: Endorsements

Intro to Endorsements and how to give them to other members of your team!

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Endorsements are a way to honor a team member for going the extra mile in ways that might otherwise go unnoticed! The next time someone stays late to meet an emergency deadline or swoops in to save a coworker drowning in extra assignments, consider giving them an Endorsement so their contributions can be recorded and recognized in the Feed.

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Giving a New Endorsement

A new Endorsement can be started at any time from the top of the left side menu- Click "New" and then choose "Endorsement":

This will bring up the Endorsement composition pop-up:

Here you will choose:

  • Level - Whether to Endorse an individual User or a Team (Note: as there is only 1 Team in SalesScreen Essentials, this means everyone in SalesScreen in this case).

  • Select a user/team - Which User or Team you are Endorsing (again, note the above re: Teams in S.E.)

  • A Category for your Endorsement-- currently there are 4 available:

    • Superhero

    • Playful

    • Team Player

    • Brave

  • A Comment on why you are giving this Endorsement-- this can also include a GIF, Image, or Emoji

  • Whether or not to Broadcast endorsement on screens and as a feed post -- If you do not, it will still be available on the person's profile-- but we do recommend you share the news of Endorsements as widely as possible to encourage others to build each other up!

Click Endorse, and you're all set!

Creating an Endorsement based on a Feed post

You might be inspired to give someone an endorsement based on some news you see about them in the feed. In that case, you can create an Endorsement right away by clicking "Endorse" on the post:

This will bring up the usual composer for Creating a New Endorsement.

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