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How can we celebrate Work Anniversaries?
How can we celebrate Work Anniversaries?

Celebrate the years of service for all employees.

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How can work anniversaries be celebrated in SalesScreen?

When the hire date is set for users in SalesScreen, work anniversaries can be configured to show up in two ways in SalesScreen.

In the feed

You can enable work anniversaries in the feed settings. You can choose which feeds the anniversaries should show up in, and for which teams. Simply enable the Work Anniversaries feed post source.

On TV screens

We offer a Work Anniversary slide you can add to any playlist in SalesScreen. Any screen running a playlist with the slide will show work anniversaries for the current week.

How can I set my work anniversary date?

Similar to how you can set your profile picture, you can navigate to your profile settings to set your hire date. The field will be empty until you set it.

Can I upload the hire dates for all my employees in one operation?

Yes. We offer an excel import to set the hire dates for a range of users at the same time. Navigate to the section where you add new users (Manage - Users - Button in the top right corner), click the Add users button and the Create or update users from Excel will show up.

You can either download a template with the fields you can update, or use a file downloaded from your HR system. If the file includes the emails of your users and a column for hire date, you can map those in the excel import wizard.

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