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How does the Celebration Popup work?
How does the Celebration Popup work?

Interact with activity from the feed the moment it happens.

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SalesScreen is all about celebrating and recognizing the milestones and everyday efforts being made. In the web celebration popup, any activity happening in the feed is highlighted at the moment it happens.

What will show up in the celebration popup?

It will follow the settings for the feed, meaning posts that appear in the feed will be celebrated in the popup.

Depending on your account configuration, you will see Endorsements, Achievements, Battles, closed deals, and more in this popup.

Which posts will play sound?

We only play sounds for report celebrations that have the notification enabled in the feed settings. In SalesScreen, a report is data of any kind that flows into SalesScreen, like calls, meetings booked, closed deals - or any type of data your organization track in SalesScreen.

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Can I mute it?

Yes. You can either mute the popup by clicking the mute icon on the popup itself, or by going to your profile and managing the settings under the Celebrations tab.

I see YouTube videos for some users, but for me, only a simple animation shows up. What's wrong?

All SalesScreen users can modify their own celebration in their profile settings, and provide a link to a YouTube video if they want to. You can learn more about personal celebrations here.

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